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A Journey of Self-Discovery
and Transformation

Breathwork.  Psycho-Spiritual Healing.  Astrology.  Past Life Regression.  Tarot.    

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek." 

~Joseph Campbell

The Path to Transcendence refers to an ancient path of direct experience accessing one’s inner wisdom teacher, leading one to spiritual awakening, emotional healing, and self-empowerment and sheds light on the unconscious potential within bringing forth wholeness and authenticity.



Deborah Jacobson

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Whether you are in search of healing, clarity, purpose, connection, or a profound ‘breakthrough’ so your life can become a vessel for your highest potential, Deborah will guide you through your entire journey.


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Evolutionary Astrology

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My wife has raved about her positive experiences with Integrative Breathwork for years. I was always skeptical until I recently gave in and tried it out myself. Wow! I was certainly mistaken. The deep breathing opened my busy mind and allowed me to see things that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Trust me, I don’t have a big imagination. Debbie’s interpretations of my visions were fascinating. I was able to focus on true self-reflection, which I never do. This was a good change of pace. I look forward to going back to learn more about myself!



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Debbie is deeply caring, insightful, and committed to stay with you until you reach the mystery of your…Self. She has an amazing gift in helping the seeker to unravel the riddle of one’s soul. It is never about her; her ego has taken a hike. She is one of the finest people I’ve ever known who has changed my life forever.”


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I have had so much inner turmoil, not knowing how to deal with certain situations in my life, but my Breathwork experience brought everything to light in an amazing and beautiful way. It’s almost like it painted a roadmap of where I would and should be going. The most amazing part is that those visions I had are actually happening in my life right now. It truly changed my path in positive ways. I highly recommend Deborah – she is absolutely fabulous at what she does!




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Deborah Jacobson


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