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How Patterns from your Past Relate to Your Future

Everything in the universe is connected, and there is a vast universe that lives, not only outside of us but also within us. We all grew up learning about the planets, but little did we know that these are major archetypal forces that influence our evolutionary journey throughout our lifetime. Our souls are constantly evolving, learning, and growing, and each has a purpose for every incarnation.  Your astrological natal chart reveals the intention for this lifetime, but also veiled within the natal chart is a past life chart that tells the story of prior lifetimes, affecting your life today.

Experiences and patterns of wounds from past lives are brought forward into this lifetime to learn, heal, and evolve.  Evolutionary astrology can help you to understand why you may feel or experience certain things over and over again.  In this lifetime, your soul urges you to break the karmic pattern, which has persisted from past lives and cross the threshold to the future, where the opportunity lies for growth.   

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