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Access Your Subconscious

Integrative Breathwork utilizes deep connective breath, evocative cultural music, intuitive bodywork, and symbolic artwork to transcend the limitations of the analytical mind and access the intuition and the deeper strata of the subconscious.

The mysterious combination of music and breath energetically opens a pathway into the psyche and is a portal to altered states of consciousness liberating oneself from the conditioning of the past, accessing the potential enlightenment and transformation of the ego, emerging from the process as an expansion of who you have been and being able to live a more authentic version of yourself.

Attending an Integrative Breathwork session will give you a much deeper understanding of yourself and how to create your “new” life consciously and with intent.

Integrative Breathwork has been known to be a very useful tool as an adjunct to talk therapy. If you are already seeing a therapist and have been stuck, struggling with how to move forward, the experience of Integrative Breathwork can aid your therapist in the acceleration of the healing process. I will be more than happy to collaborate with your therapist to help uncover the information needed for your psychological progression.

This work is based on the Consciousness Research of Dr. Stanlislov Grof ( and the extended work of Jacquelyn Small, Founder of Eupsychia, Institute and author of nine books based on Spirituality and Soul Based Psychology.

My Introduction to Integrative Breathwork

I discovered this inspirational practice over twenty years ago, by chance and synchronicity. I was invited to participate in this mysterious process involving a “musical journey” with a group of friends and was astounded, beyond belief, by my experience.

It was a life altering experience, which felt alchemical in nature, and was the moment my life shifted in a profound way! It was an act of becoming different… I had changed, but I was Me… a more sublime me! My outer reality began to transform and I am now living in a perpetual state of awe about how amazing we are as human beings and the immense amount of potential we have to grow beyond our old limiting beliefs and self imposed limitations! I am grateful for every opportunity to learn about myself and transcend the past.

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