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Shadow Breathwork Retreat

Broomfield, Colorado

October 20-22, 2023

Meet Your Host

Retreat Facilitator,

Deborah Jacobson

Deborah is a graduate of Eupsychia, Institute of Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Breathwork. She has over 30 years of experience in Breathwork and guiding others through the journey of the Soul.

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Meet the Rest of the Team.

Sarah Clodius and Daniel Orth have been apprenticing under the guidance of Deborah Jacobson of Path to Transcendence since 2018. In becoming Breathwork Facilitators, they have gone deeper into their own healing journeys, along with being given excellent guidance on how to facilitate the healing of others. They each bring a different element of experience to their work, which provides a wider range of support for our retreat participants. 

Retreat Activities

This is a special retreat experience centered around meeting with your Shadow Self and learning how to integrate them into your life. What is extremely unique about this opportunity to do shadow work, is the chance to utilize guided visualization and altered states of consciousness, artwork, poetry, mask-making, dance, and group work to reveal and integrate the Shadow. 

For a better understanding of the Breathwork process go here.

Continue reading to learn more about the Shadow, its importance within psychospiritual healing, and for further retreat details. 

The Shadow

As human beings in all cultures, we are only allowed to express a limited, socially acceptable portion of the total Self.  What happens to the other vital, energetic parts of ourselves that may not have been acceptable in our family, community, or culture? 


Those parts of ourselves go underground and become….The Shadow.  


The Shadow is the unaccepted, despised, and unacknowledged part of ourselves that is repressed and unavailable to our conscious mind. Our Shadow is projected outwards onto others who thereby come to represent for us all that is dark and unpleasant.

As the shadow has an elusive nature, we are not aware when we are projecting it onto others. It is helpful to understand that we have both a personal and a collective shadow. This means our projections can belong to us alone, and we can project as an entire group acting as our culture, religion, or family.


What people may not understand is the Shadow is morally neutral. While one person may find it difficult to express anger, domination or lust, another may find it equally difficult to express sensitivity, gentleness or compassion. 


But, the Shadow will find a way out eventually...


Whenever tired or stressed the Shadow will abruptly emerge and we are left shocked by what we expressed in that moment…that’s our Shadow! 


We may then feel ashamed and embarrassed, but once acknowledged and accepted, the Shadow becomes a vital force in our lives! 


Our intention in hosting this retreat is to help you to better recognize your Shadow, and learn to accept, embrace, and love it.  


The Shadow Self is just waiting for you to bring it into the light of  consciousness and discover its value!



The Retreat Location

This is an in-town retreat in a private residence in Broomfield, Colorado.


We provide the retreat space, water, tea, and healthy snacks for the weekend.  We ask participants to bring a water bottle, their lunch, and pillows/blankets for the breathwork journey.  We have extra pillows and blankets and if it is not possible to bring your lunch, we can provide lunch options upon request.


If you are coming in from out of town and require lodging, here is a link for nearby hotels

Weekend Schedule


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm.


Explanation of Shadow



9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Guided Imagery


Mask Selection

Lunch Break

Breathwork Journey

Poetry & Mask Making


9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Morning Gathering

Group Process

Lunch Break

Presentation of the Shadow

Shadow Dance



Develop Conscious Awareness of Your Shadow

Most people have little to no awareness of their shadow selves, because of its elusive nature. So its expression can come out in unconscious ways that are shocking to oneself and others. In cultivating a relationship with your Shadow, you will learn how to recognize it, the emotions and triggers connected to it, and better understand where it came from in the first place. You can then learn how to allow it to speak or come out in ways that are acceptable to you. This is a practice and this retreat is a profound opportunity to begin!


Guidance from Skilled, Compassionate Professionals.


Deborah, Sarah, and Daniel combined have over 50 years of experience in guiding their clients in altered states, mind/body/spirit healing, and deep transformational work. They are compassionate facilitators who put their full focus into your growth, healing and purpose.  They have experience in doing their own healing work, and practice transparency and vulnerability to help you as the participant relate to the process. We are all in this together!

Witness the Results in your Personal
& Professional Relationships 

In cultivating a relationship with your Shadow, you learn how to recognize and better manage the projections that you unfairly put onto others, and vise versa - you can better recognize when others are throwing their projections onto you.  Instead of seeing others as projections of the side of yourself that you don't like, or being seen that way by someone else, we can learn to see people for who they really are. This can help to build stronger, honest relationships and set loving boundaries.


Discover & Reclaim Hidden Talents
& Energetic Gifts that Lie Dormant 

The Shadow self is morally neutral. This means that what has been repressed isn't always your negative traits. Light, power, creativity, and talent can be repressed too. In accepting your shadow you may access a deeper well of energetic self-expression, power, and confidence than you have ever known!


Cultivate Self Acceptance

How many of us are operating from a place of self-loathing, insecurity, and judgment, without consciously understanding where it comes from or how to change it? Accepting your Shadow means learning how to love every aspect of yourself, which can lead to higher levels of compassion, self-love, forgiveness, peace, and harmony within. 


Heal the Wounded Inner Child

While what resides within our Shadow doesn't always come from intense trauma, it certainly can contain those experiences if they were part of your childhood. For those whose shadow is associated with trauma, this can help you to work through it and embrace the part(s) of yourself that have been made to feel unloved, unwanted, or ashamed.  It can also help you to release trapped, suppressed and overwhelming energy that you may have been carrying around for so long. 


"One of my very first breathwork experiences was doing a shadow workshop. For me, I discovered that my shadow at the moment in time was 'adventure.' Not something dark or scary, but something that I kept hidden or that was unavailable to tap into.

The experience was so transformative and enlightening! It has had a profound impact on who I was then, and who I am now!"

Molly M.

Cost of Retreat

Early Registration Pricing through Saturday, October 14th:


1 Persons: $375.00

2 Persons: $325.00 each

(Sign up with a friend and both will receive $50.00 discount!)

After October 15th Full Price:


1 Person: $450.00

2 Persons: $400.00 (each)

(Sign up with a friend and both will receive $50.00 discount!)

Registration Closes at midnight October 18th!!

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