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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains each soul's vibrational memory and journey. It is a dynamic living body of information with the memory of every thought, word, or deed of a soul and everything from its inception. There are not only past records but future possibilities within the Akashic Records. When the records are opened, we receive Divine counsel from our Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.

Dream Circle & Private Dream Interpretation Sessions

Every one of us dream every night whether we know it or not. Dreams provide powerful and profound information regarding our lives. Their language is not straight forward and can be quite elusive because they speak to us through symbol and metaphor. When having a Dream Interpretation session or joining an ongoing Dream Circle, we can access, dissect, and discover the purpose in the message that is attempting to reveal itself to you from deep within your unconscious mind.

The more you pay attention to your Dream World, the more compelling Dreams become. It’s like meeting with a great Sage who can pass down his wisdom to you, but the Sage lives in the caverns of your unconscious and the wise, old Sage is you!

Shadow... Who or What is the Shadow?

Most people are unaware of what the description of our psychological “Shadow” means. The mere thought of the word “Shadow” and its implications tends to invoke fear because it sounds “dark”, but actually it is only “in the dark”, below the surface of consciousness. It is a powerful aspect within our psyche that ignites passion and excitement if uncovered and integrated. Through guided imagery, mask making, collage, and the curative arts we can uncover and meet your spirited and energetic “Shadow” side.

Tarot Readings

“Tarot cards are representations of archetypes, messengers between the world of the sacred and the world of the mundane. They are actually entities out-picturing the Wisdom of the Ages that underpin the spiritual principles for life on earth. When thoroughly understood and their wisdom integrated, they become a doorway through which we can walk upon a higher and wider inner terrain.” Jacquelyn Small

Tarot Card readings mirror back to us the process by which we are experiencing our life and can point the way to the best possible scenario and the choices we have for our highest good.
Western Mystery School

The Mysteries belong to no culture, tribe, or nation but are part of a universal wisdom. The theme of the Mysteries is “Know Thyself”. In the Mystery School I teach the Rider Waite Tarot, Astrological symbols and houses, Numerology, and Sacred Geometry and how they all are interconnected.

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